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Pretty Transgender Girls

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Manager: simplyplayful
Some of the prettiest girls you'll ever find are not what they seem. This ring features sites that feature some of the prettiest transgendered girls you'll ever find on the internet. You'll find galleries, stories about being transgendered, and even merchants who cater to the aspiring T-Girl. Our members range from crossdressers to those who have or are undergoing treatment to become the prettiest transgendered girls in the world. Check them out!



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   Simply Playful Preview Go
Let your imagination go wild with sexy lingerie. Huge selection of lingerie and costumes.

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   Mandy's World Preview Go
A place for TG Captioned Images and more.
   Delta Chi Delta Preview Go
A Tri-Ess crossdressing group for girls in South Florida. We meet once a month in Boynton Beach and have members from Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties. All crossdressers welcomed!

   Frances' Fun Femme Fashions! Preview Go
Over ONE THOUSAND pics of fun femme fashions featuring Frances and her friends! Don't miss my Marilyn Monroe impersonation, wearing that famous white halter dress xxxooo!
   Patty Sue's Playhouse Preview Go
This is a site to encourage older T-Girls to be proud and show that Girls of any age can be attractive and still remain sexy.......
   Tanya Jane Richard's Webring Preview Go
All about Tanya Jane Richard's, crossdresser and wannabee transsexual. To help inform and encourage other girls born as boys to come out, stand up and be counted - and above all to parrrtttty!!!
   Erika Andrea. A TV Girl Preview Go
In these pages I have written all those things that, in my life like TVGirl, I have kept in my heart and now I say them because I no longer want to follow them hiding. It is my way to tell to the world that I am a TVGirl and that I feel proud of my same one.
   Emily's World Preview Go
im an 18 year old mtf cross dresser, i have a new site w/ some pics up, and if people come to teh site more, i will put lots more up. i am pretty good looking
   Amanda's SRS Experience Preview Go
Testimony by 2 people on the SRS experience
   Kelly Jean's Crib Preview Go
Web site for my TG lifestyle

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